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Horizontal Directional Drilling

DirectionalDrillingHDD is often the quickest, least expensive and least disruptive way to install utilities. Enviroturf has the experience and the equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently!

First used in California in 1964, directional drilling (HDD) has become an invaluable tool for contractors. HDD is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables with minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas. The drilling rig pushes  1 ½” rods into the ground in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path. The angle on the tip of the first rod allows the operator to steer up/down or side to side. A sensor in the tip allows the second crewmember to trace the path of the rods and instruct the operator the direction to steer. Once the rods are pushed out of the ground or into a pit at the end of the path or other side of the obstacle, a back reamer is attached to the rods in front of the pipe to be pulled back. The back reamer is designed to enlarge the original bore path to reduce the friction on the pipe during pull back. NO BACKFILLING & NO MESS! Our crews can install piping up to 18” or multiple smaller diameter pipes 400 linear feet per set-up!

Enviroturf Directional Drilling can install:                  

  • Fibre Optics
  • Telephone Lines
  • Electrical Conduits
  • Water Lines & Pipes
  • Sewer & Drainage Pipes
  • Natural Gas Pipes

When installation is required under:

  • Major Highways, Roadways & Driveways
  • Train Tracks & Crossings
  • Waterways and Ponds

Areas where open trenching isn’t feasible:

  • Parks or Playground’s
  • Areas with mature trees and landscaping
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Highly congested areas

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