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Mechanical Works and Backflows

mechanical smallMechanical Works

With two licsenced master plumbers on staff Enviroturf can assist with all your waterworks needs. We install and repair mechanical works from the curb stop at the property line to home/business or municipal park supplies. Providing water service size increases and up-grades to existing lines and installing services for municipal parks. Some of our additional services include;

  • Install water meters and backflows
  • Install services for water supplies and drinking fountains.
  • Repair and install curb-stop shut off valves.
  • Provide mechanical works inside water meter chambers.
  • Provide inlet water services for commercial irrigation systems.

backflow smallBackflows

Backflow is the undesired reversal of water flow against normal direction that occurs as a result of backpressure or backsiphonage. This can allow pollutants, toxic substances, bacteria, pathogens, and non potable water to contaminate public drinking water supply. To protect the water supply a backflow prevention devise should be installed at the source. Enviroturf can survey (determine type of device), install, test as per the American Water Works Association and make repairs to all types of devices.

Pumping Stations

Enviroturf installs and services pumps and stations from a 1 horse power residential pump to a 10,000 gpm pumping station. From Specification of the pump to installation and testing our staff has you covered. Some of the areas of expertise we provide our irrigation pump services;

  • Golf PS Main Irrigation VT md
  • Commercial
  • Municipal Sports Fields
  • Residential including town house complexes
  • Cottage and rural systems

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Irrigation and Water Conservation

directional sm

Directional Drilling



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Mechanical Works
and Backflows

trenching sm

Trenching and
Cable Plowing